Options Mastery: Selling and Hedging

Course Description

Master advanced options trading strategies in this course module. Explore option selling, hedging, strangles, and straddles for market mastery. Learn about bull and bear spreads, iron condors, and iron fly strategies. Gain insights into the psychology behind different options strategies and how to adjust them for risk management and profit maximization. Enhance your trading view with expert analysis of directional and non-directional strategies, payoff diagrams, and breakeven points. Boost your trading skills with deep dives into advanced options trading techniques.

  • Option Selling: Understanding the Practice
  • Option Seller Psychology: Mental Insights
  • Introduction to Hedging: Significance Explained
  • Directional vs. Non-Directional Views: Understanding Perspectives
  • Importance of having a View in Options: Discussion
  • Non-Directional Strategy Essentials: Key Approaches
  • Psychological Aspects of Trading Non-Directional Strategies
  • Directional Strategy Essentials: Key Tactics
  • Psychological Aspects of Trading Directional Strategies
  • Options Adjustments: Exploring Techniques and Importance

  • Breakeven: Understanding Point of No Profit or Loss
  • Payoff Diagram: Graphical Representation of Profit and Loss Scenarios
  • Long and Short Strangle: Options Strategies Involving Simultaneous Call and Put Purchases
  • Forming Strangle: Rationale and Timing Considerations
  • Iron Condor: Strategy Combining Bull Put Spread and Bear Call Spread
  • Adjusting Iron Condor: Techniques for Managing Risk and Maximizing Profit

  • Long and Short Straddle: Understanding Options Strategy Variations
  • Forming Straddle: Rationale and Timing Considerations for Strategy Execution
  • Iron Fly Strategy: Exploring Advanced Options Combination Techniques
  • Adjusting Iron Fly: Techniques for Adapting and Managing Risk
  • Introduction to Directional Strategies: Exploring Methods for Capitalizing on Market Trends
  • Spreads: Understanding Options Strategies Involving Simultaneous Buy and Sell Positions

  • Bull Call Spread: Understanding Directional Options Strategy
  • Psychology of Bull Call Spread: Insights into Trader Behavior and Decision Making
  • Bear Put Spread: Exploring Defensive Options Strategy
  • Psychology of Bear Put Spread: Understanding Emotional Dynamics in Trading
  • Bull Put Spread: Strategies for Bullish Market Views
  • Psychology of Bull Put Spread: Analyzing Investor Sentiment and Confidence
  • Bear Call Spread: Defensive Options Approach Against Bearish Market Conditions
  • Psychology of Bear Call Spread: Insight into Trader Mindset and Risk Management

  • Doubts related to Directional and Non Directional Strategies
  • Practicals and Backtest of Spreads using Opstra
  • Conclusion

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    1 week

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