Financial Literacy rate is only 27% in India and 33% Globally

Schools lack financial education, leaving individuals unprepared for making informed financial decisions.

The influence of inexperienced financial influencers is on the rise, leading to potential misguidance in investment choices.

At Fx Careers, we have developed a comprehensive community based financial markets learning Platform to bridge the financial literacy gap

Financial Markets Learning Platform

Community platform for knowledge sharing

Hybrid learning and community center

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Opportunities for FxCareers in the Indian Market

Addressing Educational Needs

FxCareers is strategically positioned to cater to the increasing demand for comprehensive forex trading education in India. Our tailored training programs bridge the knowledge gap and equip individuals with the necessary skills to succeed in the forex market.

Strategic Alliances and Partnerships

Collaborations with financial institutions, universities, and industry experts enable FxCareers to reach a wider audience and provide enhanced training opportunities. Partnerships facilitate the integration of real-world insights and practical experience into our training modules.

Franchise Offer

Types of Franchises Available & Franchise Fee and ongoing Royalty Structure!

State Franchise

Rs 25 lakhs plus annual renewal fee of 5 Lakhs per annum

City Franchise

Rs 8 lakhs plus annual renewal fee of 1.5 lakhs per annum

District Franchise

Rs 15 lakhs plus annual renewal fee of 3 Lakhs per annum

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Operations and System Integration

  • Overview of the systems and technologies used by FXCareers.

    We have a robust technology infrastructure which includes our web portal, android and IOS application along with a strong backend portal support for all the analytics and operations of the franchise, mentor and our learners

  • Operational guidelines and best practices for franchisees.

    We have predefined SOPs which help our franchise partners to implement the readymade processes and operations to deliver value and create wealth without depending on experimentation and hit and trial methods to run the franchise successfully.


Benefits of Franchising with FxCareers

We are providing the complete branding and marketing support so that our franchise partners enjoy a pre-established Brand equity of FXCareers

As we have already beta tested our model, so franchise is having access to a pre-established proven model with all the predefined SOPs and strategies.

As we all know, networking is NetWorth so by being in this exclusive community franchise partner learn from each other and get insights into how successful partners are driving more sales and creating higher revenues in their business.

The biggest task of any Edutech franchise is to train and retain the mentors and FXCareers is taking responsibility for their franchise partners to Train, Retain and even PAY the mentors for our franchise partners.