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FX Careers is a leading financial markets education provider, which offers certification program in financial market. Our courses covers all major financial assets like stocks, Currency, Commodities, Options, and Crypto currency. FX Careers feels pride in using innovative teaching methods and high-end infrastructure to make the learning a wonderful experience.

Our goal is to enable people from around the world to be a part of the financial market opportunities. FX Careers is being most trusted trading skills educators, putting your need first in everything we do. Our program is designed in such way that enhanced student’s creativity, and practical skills to reap best of opportunity for career or for trading financial markets. Our curriculum is crafted to impart not just a theoretical knowledge but along with that live and practical aspect of market.

Financial market is the fastest growing sector with immense potential for everyone who directly or indirectly invest in the sector. Since the global financial crisis in 2008 and the most recent Covud-19 pandemic opened the door for opportunity in this sector. With the help of technology advancement this sector contributes to the development of the economic well-being of any economy.

FX Career offers franchise across India. 

What makes us different?

A team of highly trained and experienced market professionals with ample research and trading experience.

We continue to be an industry leader thanks to the innovative technology. 

We provide on-demand courses that suits your trading style.

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